Replica Sculpture Of The Lion Of Chaeronea

Replica Sculpture Of The Lion Of Chaeronea

This commissioned sculpture goes back to March 2014, and it is one of my more crazier projects. Don't get me wrong, It was awesome to do. But when that huge block of stone arrived I honestly had to ask "What have I got myself into?." 

When the block was delivered, I was just a little worried because it stood 2.5 meters high and we were still getting occasional earthquakes in Christchurch. So I hastily got into sawing away the excess stone from the top down. 

It did not take long before I started to form the general shape of the lion.

Then after eight weeks of sawing, chiseling, rasping and sanding The Lion Of Chaeronea (replica) is complete and ready for delivery.

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Preparing For The Road Trip

Then came the day of delivery. The Lion was getting strapped up and ready to head to its new home in Northwood - about a 20 minute trip.

At this stage my heart was in my mouth, but the truck driver was very professional every step of the way and delivered it safely to its new home.


This commissioned sculpture was a real test of my ability and skill. In a way I call it "My Everest" but my client had yet another sculpture in mind that would equally test me. But that is for another blog.


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