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 Stone Carving Workshops

If you are looking for something that is fun and creative booking a stone carving workshop is a good option.

All of the stone carving courses below come with everything provided including benches, tools, eye protection and all of the stone. All you need to do is make a booking and I can come to you.

Prices for the workshops vary depending on a number of factors taken into account. It depends on how many people are attending, the size of stone blocks and the type of workshop. For example, a corporate workshop is very different from a children's birthday party.  

The designs are fun and easy and the tuition is very professional. Whether it is for yourself or a group, our stone carving workshops are suited to all ages young or old. The workshops can be set up to suit most situations.

Workshop Layout

How much space is needed

Workshop layout

The workshop layout requires very little space, only about the size if a single car garage is needed. The setup consists of a large pop-up gazebo, a heavy-duty ground cover, up to ten portable benches and each bench has a chisel and mallet, hand saw and rasp (better known as the "cheese grater")

What if it is terrible weather

In most conditions, the event is held outside but sometimes the only option is an interior venue when the conditions are bad like heavy rain or strong winds.

The benches

The benches ensure safety because they secure the carving in place as you are working on it. They also have a height adjustable setting which is perfect for people that are tall or people that suffer from back pain.

Children's Workshops

The children's workshops introduce stone carving in its simplest form. Quickly they are shown how to use the tools safely and then they learn how to sculpt a basic sculpture. Children have fun producing a carving in less than an hour that they are proud to take home or give to another family member. If you are looking for ideas for kids, craft projects, then a stone carving is a good option. 


The price for a standard two-hour workshop is $200 for up to 16 people, If there are going to be more than 16 people it will be $12.50 per head for the booking.

Adult Workshops

Private Workshops For One Or Two People 

Although you will pay around the same price as a group workshop, You get to treat yourself to work on a large sculpture for your home and garden because the stone is included in the price.

You gain the benefit of receiving private tuition that meets your own needs and you get to make a fantastic sculpture for yourself or as a gift for a loved one. Please read the review below.

My daughter and I had two private lessons with Shaugn. I was overjoyed with what I completed as seen in the photo. He is a great teacher and lots of fun as well. Highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to carve.  Thanks so much, Shaugn.

Private Bookings For Tourists 

stone carving for touristSet in the stunning location of Living Springs, you will enjoy making your own quality stone carving whilst looking over the stunning view of Governers Bay. The designs offered are specific to your travel needs. They are small enough for your travel bag but still challenging enough to make your experience enjoyable. The price covers the general cost of the workshops and travel,  plus the rental fee for Living Springs.

Price $250 for up to 4 people











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