Stone Carving Projects

Below is a list of some of my stone carving projects that I have completed in the past. For more information about stone carving, visit my other website

Packe Street Park Sculpture Project

This was my very first commissioned sculpture (Chalm, Goddess of flora) It was designed and created for the people of Packe Street park, a community garden in St Albans, Christchurch. Read more 

Harewood School Sculpture Project

stone carving projects

This project was great fun, The children from room 10 had a blast working on this sculpture and were very proud and excited when it was completed. Read more

Replica Sculpture Of The Lion Of Chaeronea

This is the biggest stone carving projects that I have ever taken on and I call it my Everest. You can read the story behind it here.


Monument sculpture to the Christchurch earthquake

I personally needed a creative way to deal with my experience of the Christchurch earthquakes. I struggled with the concept of dealing with the past and worrying about the future. So many times we were dealing with a false sense of security. Months would pass with no shaking and people would start to relax and then all of a sudden another large earthquake would hit again. Sometimes two big ones within the same day.

In a strange way, it became the subject of my sculpture, a reflection of remembering the past with all that was lost and looking towards an unknown future with a sense of determination. I found it a very therapeutic sculpture to do and it was a way to release built up emotions. Many people in Christchurch were coming up with creative ideas to help deal with the issues that they were facing. Stone carving was my form of recreation therapy.

After the sculpture was completed, it was exhibited in a local gallery and within a few days, another sizable earthquake hit. It moved outward and turned a  half circle but fortunately, it did not topple over. Probably because I purposely sculpted it with a heavy base.   Fortunately, it sold later that month.

The years have now passed since the city was first hit, but the subject is never far from anyone's lips. People often talk past or post-earthquake in their conversation partially on the anniversary.

The sculpture is still as relevant to people as the day I carved it.


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