Moeraki Bay Fishing Boats

The setting for this acrylic painting titled Moeraki Bay Fishing Boats is just a little further south from the popular and frequently visited Moeraki Boulders, situated  between  Oamaru and Dunedin. This beautiful little bay with clear deep blue water was the perfect subject for a client who wanted a commissioned painting that had to incorporate fishing boats.

Translated Moeraki is known as  'sleepy sky'.


Moeraki bay fishing boats painting


Moeraki Fishing Boats / Medium, Acrylic / Size 120 cm x 100 cm 

Click here for an enlarged view of the painting 

The old jetty to the right, now rusted and unused, was once part of the major shipping port for the North Otago region. A port was later built further north in Oamaru. Moeraki today is still a strong fishing community as well as a peaceful holiday setting.


I did not know anything about Moeraki Bay before starting this painting. It is a little hidden away as it is not directly on the state highway between Dunedin and Oamaru, rather you have to turn off and drive for about five minutes. I only knew about the Moeraki boulders which are a little further north.

Once I got there I stayed for one night while I was working on this project. I really got to appreciate this nice little fishing village. The bay is small but it has a stunning red sandy beach which contrasts with the deep blue water where the fishing boats are moored.

There is an award winning waterside restaurant at the end of the bay that I have  dined in called Fleur's Place The food is fantastic and it is picturesque dining experience. But the best thing about Moeraki is the quality of the fish from the boats. Overall Moeraki is a very pleasant getaway experience, it is just so peaceful.

If you are going to see the boulders I recommend taking that turn off and visit, stay and dine in Moeraki Bay. 

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