Artist Shaugn David Briggs

  • Born in Christchurch, New Zealand, Shaugn is a self-taught artist with a real passion for painting. He specializes mostly in acrylic painting and occasionally works with egg tempera to create down to earth representations of his subjects.

Artist's Statement

I started by following the traditional master painters in oils and developed into working with acrylic and also egg tempera. My current paintings acknowledge images that are strongly identified with New Zealand Aotearoa. I have produced a series of paua shell still life paintings that captured the public's imagination and these paintings began my public profile. I also love being out and about reproducing the stunning landscapes of New Zealand Aotearoa. My landscape paintings have captured the sunset over Akaroa Harbour, the snow-capped majestic Southern Alps, a storm brewing over Lake Tekapo and the braided rivers of the Canterbury Plains.

 I am constantly in awe of nature's beauty and the interplay between the land and sky. This is the motivation behind many of my paintings.


I was born in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1970. I am the youngest of 5 children and consequently spent a lot of time by myself as there was a 6 year age gap to the next youngest and a 14 year age gap to the eldest. I was always interested in drawing even as a very young child. It was during my primary school years that I discovered that I was really talented and that other children wanted me to help with their drawing projects. I was fortunate enough to have an artist that influenced my thinking- Natalie Everett (my aunt's mother-in-law). She taught me how to think like an artist and she assured me that artist's blocks do go away!! Although I am largely self-taught I have spent many hours studying both traditional and contemporary artists and particularly current New Zealand artists. I have also explored sculpting and have sold several pieces to private collectors. I am involved in teaching stone sculpting around the Canterbury region which has grown into a wonderful little side business. I am grateful to my family and friends who have supported me in my art journey.


Paintings And Sculptures 

The early days 

  • I gave up on my job around 2000 and started as a mural artist.
  • I then worked on a series of plein air paintings on the buildings of the Arts Centre, Christchurch. They all sold privately.
  •  Bealey Gallery Christmas exhibition - Paua Series sold.
  • Oamaru stone sculpture commissioned by the community of Packe Street Park


  • Bealey Gallery 
  • Gallery Lavaud, Akaroa
  • Fishers Fine Arts, sales in both the Christchurch and Auckland galleries
  • Merivale Fine Arts
  • Bryce Gallery

Charity/Fundraising exhibitions

  • Life Education Trust fundraising
  • Medbury School fundraising art exhibition
  • Heaton Intermediate Normal School art exhibition
  • Kings College sale of fine arts
  • Champion Centre/Kiddz joint art exhibition
  • Art At Ohoka

Commissioned Paintings 

The Struggles Of 2010

In early 2010 I had major back surgery from an injury that occurred in late 2009 from working on a large sculpture. The result of the surgery made it difficult to work on detailed paintings for long periods of time, and for a couple of years, I could not paint at all because it is was difficult to work with a high level of concentration whilst in pain. It was easier to be able to sculpt, so most of my income came from sculptures and stone carving workshops.

Combined with that were the many difficulties brought on by the Christchurch earthquakes. That time was very strenuous for me, my family and art sales in general.  I am pleased to say that even though my recovery has been very slow I did manage to do some works throughout that period including a very special sculpture that I dedicated to the Christchurch Earthquake.

Today I am producing works to the same standard as in 2010. The Christchurch earthquakes changed many things, including the rate of commission that the galleries take. Therefore, I have decided to sell my work directly through my website through sales and commissions of my paintings and sculptures and bookings for my workshops.


Feature Projects From 2010


  • Two Swans / Commissioned sculpture
  • Reflection / Original monument sculpture to the Christchurch earthquake





  • Large koru with harakeke weave / Another very popular sculpture  
  • Timaru Boys High School arts week, large sculpture project. 
  • Return of the Piwakawaka Commissioned painting 


  • GirlGuidingNZ Jamboree stone carving workshop / My biggest workshop to date, where a remarkable total of 1373 girls participated in the art of stone carving over the course of four days.
  • Replica of Alexandra The Great /  Commissioned sculpture in Mt Somers Stone 



  • Khanda Water Fountian / Commissioned sculpture
  • The Mayfair Art Auction Extravaganza with successful sales
  • Te ArohaCommissioned sculpture for Kidsfirst Kindergartens Mairehau


  • In December of 2018 I badly broke my arm in several places which resulted in an operation on Boxing Day. Consequently, For the first quarter of 2019 was dedicated to my recovery, but by the end of March I started back on one of my largest projects to date and for the remainder of 2019 resumed my busy schedule of conducting classes and workshops.
  • Te Moana / Lincoln Primary School sculpture project / My largest sculpture to date.
  • Hawksby Trust Sculpture project 





  • Spiraling Koru / Commissioned sculpture for a wedding gift
  • Swannanoa School Mural

  • Bespoke Maori Headstone / private commission


  • Kinship Commissioned sculpture
  • Woolston Development Project / Childrens Mural 


    Some of my key projects from the past

    • Packe Street Park sculpture project. My first large sculpture project.
    • Medlands Beach, Great Barrier Island I was very honoured that someone would pay to fly my wife and I to Great Barrier Island and stay at their holiday home so I could study the landscape for their commissioned painting.
    • Harewood School Sculpture Project. My first time working with school children. The project was very successful and a lot of fun to do. 
    • Butterfly Mural, Christchurch hospital children's ward. I am extremely proud of this project. 
    • Lion Of Chaeronea sculpture. Standing at 2 metres tall, this is the biggest commissioned stone carving I have undertaken.






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