Papanui High School, Night classes

Continuing Education/ Night classes - Are held at Papanui High School and they also have a Facebook page with up to date information about stone carving and their other courses.

Stone Carving Night Classes

There are two courses available, beginners and advanced. The beginners which are usually held on Tuesday nights give you the basic skills in working with the stone carving tools and sculpting Oamaru stone.

This is extended in the advanced class which is held on Thursday nights.

You can view some of the advanced students work in the stone carving gallery and also read some of the inspirational student reviews.

Stone Carving Beginners

stone ying yangThis course is designed to give you an introduction to sculpting in Oamaru Stone. You will be taught basic procedures with sculpting, design and the use of tools.

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Stone Carving Advanced

Advance stone carvingLeading from the beginner's course, students will be working in a detailed way on a large piece of stone using their own ideas to work from. One project will take most of the term to complete. Students must have completed a beginners course or have good experience in stone carving to take part in this course.


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