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People love outdoor garden sculptures that are carved by hand. Over the years I have created many sculptures for clients like the ones in the slide show above. They are all very individual artworks that are suited to the customer's home environment.

Why I use Oamaru Stone For Outdoor Garden Sculptures

I work with Oamaru stone because it has a soft creamy colour with a matte finish which is really nice in a garden setting. The blocks are large and easy to carve and once they finished and sealed the pieces look absolutely fantastic.  It is also a very affordable option for the client compared to other stone.

What's Involved?

When a client is interested in commissioning an artwork, I have two options. If they live close by, I will usually visit the property to plan and establish the right shape and size that the sculpture will need to be, to best suit the surroundings. After meeting the customer I work with them to get their ideas on paper. I can provide a sketch of the design. If agreed upon I commence with the work. Here is an example of the pencil sketch beside the finished sculpture below. If I am unable to view the property, I can also just work from some photos that are provided to me by email


Sealer And Protection

The last stage to creating an Oamaru stone sculpture is applying two coats of sealer to protect the carving. The sealer that I use for my sculptures is the same product that the stone masons use to protect Oamaru stone houses. To keep the sculpture looking good over time, use Wet & Forget moss, mould, lichen & algae remover.

Deposit And Final Payment

A deposit is required to cover for the cost and delivery of the stone. For small sculptures it will be $100. For larger sculptures a deposit up to $500 may be needed.

Once the sculpture is finished, I then send some photos and a video for my client to view the sculpture.  Provided that that are happy with the final product I will then send an invoice for both payment of the sculpture plus the cost of delivery.

Delivery In Christchurch

For most sculptures like the swan above, They can be personally delivered. However if the sculpture is very large it will require a Hiab to deliver it.

Delivery Throughout New Zealand And Beyond

For regional and international delivery's I work with PACK & SEND. They do a fantastic job with packaging the sculpture to the highest level and sending it to the location in good condition. The sculpture below was sent from Christchurch to Wellington and it was just under eight hundred dollars for the delivery plus insurance as of July 2020 . 

Customer Reviews

In May of 2012, we commissioned Shaugn to sculpt a large Koru from Oamaru stone as a centerpiece for our North Canterbury garden. Shaugn followed our brief in every way and kept us informed via emails and photographs at each stage. During the complicated process of delivery from Christchurch to Sefton, Shaugn was instrumental in arranging such a delicate task, and was there on the day to guide and assist in the positioning and putting any finishing touches to the work as required.

We are both thrilled with the sculpture and it has become a talking point for neighbours and passers-by alike.

We thank Shaugn for his dedication and professionalism in his talented work.

Pete & Jane Daniels


Commission A Sculpture

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