Pukaki Blue / Lake Pukaki New Zealand

This painting of lake Pukaki highlights the contrast between the stunning teal blue water and the clear blue sky of inland Canterbury. Aoraki, (Mount Cook) provides separation between the two. Along the bottom of the painting are three hand painted paua panels which give a contemporary look. The paua in the panels look realistic and many think that they are real.

Lake Pukaki

When it comes to New Zealand scenery, the marriage between Mt Cook and Lake Pukaki is perfect. 

There is only a visitor's center once you arrive at Lake Pukaki and the area is mostly untouched. There are some lodges further around the lake but it does not host a township. Having said that, State Highway 8 runs past Lake Pukaki between Twizel and Lake Tekapo. Both towns are very close by.

You can also travel along side Lake Pukaki on State Highway 80 to get to Aoraki, Mount Cook, New Zealand's highest mountain. The scenery is so good there that I painted "The Road To Mount Cook."

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