Corporate Workshops In Stone Carving

If you are considering some creative ideas for corporate workshops, then stone carving might be the answer. This a fun hands-on workshop that focuses on creativity and achievement at a high level. From beginning to end, the students are faced with strategic challenges in dealing with sculpting in three dimensions. The key to a good sculpting experience is overcoming creative blocks and problem solving without fear.

Benches And Tools

All of the benches and tools needed for the workshop are supplied. The benches come with a clamping system that locks the stone in place ready for carving. This makes the whole experience for the student very safe and easy to do.  Another great feature is the ability to change the height of the benches which can be raised or lowered. This is very beneficial for people that are tall or have back issues.

Stone carving workshop

The Stone

The product we use is Oamaru stone. It is mostly used in building but is much loved by artists as a medium for sculpture. It is soft and very easy to work with. Within a two-hour time frame, participants have learnt the basics of stone carving and leave satisfied with their own work of art.   


corporate stone carving workshop


$350 for up to eight people. $40 per person thereafter. 

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