Great Barrier Island New Zealand

Commissioned painting of Medlands beach



At the beginning of 2007, after viewing my website, I received an email from a prominent business woman living in Auckland. She really liked my paintings and made contact with me regarding a painting that she wanted to have commissioned of Medlands beach at Great Barrier island for her husband's 50th birthday.

 This is a place that has  been dear to him since his childhood. through to the present day. She invited my wife and I to fly up and stay in their beach house for a few days so I could get sketches and photos I needed to complete the painting. I gladly accepted.

On the day that we flew in to Auckland I only got to met her for about ten minutes. I asked her "What scene exactly do you want me to paint? " She said " You will know when you see it, here is some food, Have a nice trip."

By that time we had to leave to catch the next plane to Great Barrier Island. So now I am freaking out! I am in a small airplane going to a place that I have never been to, to paint a scene that I have never seen. After about forty minutes we landed on the island and when were taken to the house around five in the evening. The day was coming to an end and I prepared myself to work the next day.

Through the night it got really stormy and the following day we were met by cyclone Becky. Everything was grey with no scenery; I could just make out the trees in the distance but no more. The following day was a little better but it was still grey and murky. I now only had one full day left before were to leave and I still had no idea what I should be painting. By the morning I woke to see yet another grey and murky day. The forecast for the day was to clear so all I could do was wait.

By about 11.00 am the clouds started to part and the sun was beginning to break through. I could see all of the hills and trees, but the bay was still blurry. It wasn't until later in the afternoon it finally cleared. I was ecstatic! I finally got the scene for the painting and I understood why she wanted me to paint it. Shortly afterwards it clouded in. As you can see in the painting there is a little more weather to come.

On the day we were leaving it was a mix of wind, rain and sun. I didn't mind. I got what I came for. Over the following months I worked on the largest painting of my time as an artist. The canvas is 140cm x 80cm. I really wanted this painting to be something special. On completion I am happy to say that it was been very well received.

Great Barrier Island New Zealand

The most amazing thing about Great Barrier Island, New Zealand is that it seemed like I was so far away from anywhere and yet I was only a short flight from Auckland. It is so peaceful and picturesque with beautiful beaches and lush green rolling hills. Iif you are holidaying in Auckland and you wanted a couple of days to unwind then I would recommend a short stay there. Although my stay there was short, I can see why I was asked to go and study it for a painting and I would love to revisit Great Barrier Island for a holiday.

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