West Eyreton School / 2017

In 2017, West Eyreton School approached me to help them create sculptures that reflect their five core values. The values are known as the five Es excellence, empathy, example, enterprise and effort. We played around with many different designs for the sculpture and we decided that five Koru intertwined together was an excellent option for the children to work on and be a lovely design that fits in very well at the school entrance.

Shortly after starting the project, I was approached by Shed Magazine to run a story about what I do. After discussion with the school and receiving permission from the parents, they came to do a story about this project. You can find the story in issue 75 of the magazine. We had small groups of children come and saw, chisel, file and sand their creation. On completion, the sculpture was moved over to a lovely garden setting at the front entrance to the school.

A short time later, they asked me back for a special ceremony to bless the sculpture, which is a beautiful way to complete the project.

I really enjoyed this project, The children and staff were great to work with, and the sculpture fitted perfectly into its environment.

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