Hornby High School

This sculpture was a very cool project to be part of because the design is very different to the others that I have done in the past and is unique to Hornby High School. Another point of difference is that the project is a team-building exercise for a small group of boys to help them create something beautiful that represents their school and gives them ongoing pride in what they have made every time they enter the school gates. 

Hornby has a history of being a feeding ground for many birds, so the sculpture comprises four feathers that all have a special meaning. These are; Commitment / Resilience/ Achievement / Respect. 

These are the types of characteristics that are needed to create a sculpture like this. The boys have to commit to getting the job done, have the resilience to handle the challenging parts, even if that means working down on your knees sanding for an hour or two. They also need to take pride in their achievement as they worked together through all of the stages of the carving process and show respect to each other, plus myself and the sculpture.

The sculpture is now at the school entrance and looks fantastic, and it was a pleasure to get to know all of the boys who worked on creating such an excellent piece.


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